The Campaign to Save 10,000 Families

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The Campaign to Save 10,000

Thank you so much for visiting this page!  I very much appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

The Campaign to save 10,000 families is a BIG goal for a sole, single mommy like me!  So, if you want to help, I would really appreciate you sharing this page with every woman you know! Please help to END domestic violence for 10,000 families! Click To Tweet

Here are the facts:

1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime according to the CDC.  Its a hidden epidemic that has worsened since covid-19.

Think about that- do you know 4 ladies? I’m more than sure you do! They could be your mother, sister, daughter, auntie, granny, boss, neighbour or friend.  I believe every woman needs to be educated about the behavior manifestations and early signs of an abusive partner.  No person should ever be physically, emotionally or sexually abused, ESPECIALLY by someone they love and trust.  It is a sad fact that it happens- and it DOES NOT NEED TO!  So please, educate yourself and help educate every woman you know.  You may be saving a life, or helping a woman you do not realize is being abused.  Prevention is ALWAYS better than a cure, so please do not wait until you “see signs”!  Share now!  Share it at your workplace, your doctors office, your kids school, your church- if everyone would help, we could help 10,000 faster!

Children who witness domestic violence are the smallest victims- and the forgotten victims.  We know very well how domestic violence has long term and devastating effects for women and mothers, but we are only just beginning to understand how witnessing violence in the home effects children.  Please read this Unicef article for more information about the effect witnessing violence has on children.

My own daughter, who was taken out of the violent home I shared with her father before age 3 regressed from being fully toilet trained.  In addition for many months after leaving, my daughter would startle and start crying hysterically at every loud and sudden noise- like the phone ringing, the dog barking or an alarm clock sounding.

You can not understand how that feels as a mother until you are trapped and unable to leave yourself.  Because of my experiences, I am now very driven to help as many women as I can- and 10,000 seemed like a good beginner number!  Big enough to be scary, small enough to be realistic with the world wide power of the internet!

This is why I want to help 10,000 mothers and children worldwide to escape abuse, rebuild their lives and begin to thrive as whole and loving single parent families.  The first step is education and support via this website and internet tools.  Next,  when my audience grows and this website becomes profitable, I intend to start an interest free pay it forward loan program for women who need pin money to get to safety with their kids. I will require that these women and children be receiving counselling, have a safety plan, a written commitment to never go back, and a budget plan in place.  The idea being that as their loan is repaid on an honour system, the funds will go back into the pool to help other families, so the women the fund has helped can also help to serve and support others.  My goal is to see the fund continually growing so that we may help more and more families and always have funding available to those in need.

PS!  Please come back to this page for updates!  I do plan on updating this page regularly as the campaign progresses!  And THANK YOU!


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