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    Intro Slide to show when ladies as first screen when ladies click on the quiz link from welcome email (transferred from leadpages to ESP- the quiz link will be in their ESP welcome email series which is one week long and will distribute the quiz and three other free helpful resources I am creating for my target audience). Quiz should be self hosted on my website, as a “hidden link” so people can’t take the quiz without joining the mailing list. I have tried to make this document look as close to finished product as possible. Colours, fonts spacing etc. Note all instruction notes are BLACK FONT and are not to be included in finished product. The black lines indicate “next page”. Also note that the data must be COLLECTED in order to create their abuse journal, which is their day 2 gift. Also for my own records, if a lady ends up becoming a therapy client. TYg


    Hello Madam! I’m Jani, and I congratulate you on your decision to join my tribe of thriving and recovering mamas! This little quiz will take just a few minutes of your time, but I designed it to put clarity in your mind. ALL the examples of each behavior outline are real life examples. Unfortunately, many of the examples provided were my own experiences with my narcissistic and physically abusive ex partner. I want you to really understand that you are NOT crazy. You are NOT alone. Sadly, many of our experiences are universal and eerily similar.

    Domestic abuse takes many different forms, and often is built into the fabric of the relationship. So often, victims do not realize their partner's behavior is abusive until it escalates to physical violence.

    Many women will admit that psychological or emotional abuse is the worst part of the relationship. I personally often found myself wishing my former partner would finally lash out at me physically to make his fabricated disagreements and psychological warfare stop. He would pursue any particular topic for weeks on end, often yelling at me for 2-3 hours a day until finally we were alone. He would then broach the topic again, and if I would not agree he would lash out physically. It was almost like punishment or revenge- because the topic would then magically disappear. He would then act all sweet and nice for a short time.

    This quiz is interactive, free, quick and most importantly 100% confidential. I will NEVER EVER share your information with ANYONE. I know exactly what it is like to be in fear after abuse and I would never want your information to go to anybody except YOU.

    This quiz is designed to help you understand and uncover the nature of your toxic relationship. I want you to unwrap and realize the hidden abuses you have suffered. It's also important to learn to recognize psychological and emotional abuse early on in any future relationship so you and your kids will never suffer again. There are three objectives to this quiz:

    1. To help you explore your situation objectively
    2. To help you put words to your experiences when explaining to others
    3. To help you take a step back, realize how universal these incidences are for many other women. You are neither alone or crazy!

    Tomorrow, you will get a worksheet based on this quiz that will help you and your kids stay safe by documenting your experiences. I’ll send you other free tools and resources too in the next little while that are designed to help you regain health and happiness ! My wish is for you and your kids to THRIVE! I want to help and support you and your children during this difficult time.

    Once again, welcome! Please understand that I am here to support you- and reach out to me at any time!

    Now onto the quiz!